Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ready for a Book Conference?

A few years ago, I started having book conferences with my students on all the books that they finish.  Yes, it is a little daunting and sometimes I have enlisted the help of an aide or even my mom, but I do believe it is a worthwhile practice.  My students know there is an accountability piece in order to get credit for the books they are completing on the way to reaching the 40 book challenge.  

I try to make the conferences very brief, really only a few minutes.  They bring their book and reading log to the conference.  I check that they have filled out the log on their book, we discuss what genre it is and why, I ask them a couple questions about the book, and I have them read aloud a paragraph to me.  Then I stamp a chart in their log and the one on the bulletin board and they are on their way!  

My students used to just tell me when they finished a book, and I wrote it on a sticky note, but this year I created a spot on the marker board where they can sign up for a conference on their own.  They find their name in the basket and put it under the "I am ready for a book conference!" sign.  This has worked out great, since they don't have to interrupt me when I am conferring with other students, and I already have too many sticky notes on my desk!

You can make one of your own by downloading my fully editable PowerPoint set at my TPT Store!  

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