Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Conference Forms & Letters Freebie

For many teachers, it is conference time again! But whether you have fall conferences, winter conferences, spring conferences, or all three, you want your conferences to be a success.

The first challenge of conferences is getting all of your parents "in the know" about the dates that conferences are taking place. Then, you have to try to fit everyone in to your scheduled time, which rarely happens, so you make adjustments to your availability based on your parent needs. When everything is finally scheduled, then you have to decide what you will communicate about each child so that you use the time wisely. Striking a proper balance can be incredibly important. No one wants to attend their child's conference and hear nothing but negativity, and yet parents also don't want to hear you say, "Johnny is doing really great. I really don't have anything to add. He should just keep doing what he's doing." Your conference needs to be about sharing areas of strength, areas of weakness, and suggestions for growth, no matter how well the child is achieving. It can all be a tad overwhelming, so a few years ago, I created a conference pack to help make conferences a bit easier. The response to this freebie has been overwhelmingly awesome, with over 30,000 downloads since it was posted in 2012. It seems this freebie has been a bit of a teacher lifesaver, so I wanted to be sure to share it with all of our Fifth Grade Freebies followers because I know we're all grateful when we can save a little time and energy, especially when conference time arrives. 

My freebie includes a form to share with parents and a few different letters to send home with parents as you are preparing for & scheduling conferences. I hope that you will find this freebie to be a wonderful time-save for your next conference session!

Click on the image below to grab my Conference Forms and Letters Freebie and please don't forget to leave a little freebie feedback!

Mrs. O

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