Friday, July 31, 2015

Favorite Fifth Grade Classroom Read Alouds

Fifth Grade Freebies friends,  are you looking for the best 5th grade read aloud books?

If you're like me you probably enjoy switching up your read alouds once in awhile and trying something new.  But finding that something new can be a lot of work. When I'm looking for my next read aloud I ask my coworkers for ideas, scour my favorite celebriteacher blogs, stalk the Nerdy Book Club blog, and take recommendations from my fellow literacy fanatics on Instagram.  All of these steps take time and I'm spending this time over and over again throughout the year. Why is finding the perfect read aloud always so hard?

Cue lightbulb -

and then it hit me.........

I realized that instead of repeating this process continuously, I needed to put all of these AMAZING recommendations into a list that I could refer to whenever needed.  AND even better, that I could share with all my fifth grade teacher friends like you!!!

So, here it is friends!!  The BEST fifth grade read alouds - chosen by those who know best.  You!!!


All of these recommendations were gathered through your responses on my Wild About Fifth Grade and our Fifth Grade Freebies facebook pages.  I threw in some of my own personal favorites as well.


Happy back to school season!!!


  1. Thank you so much for the freebie! I teach 5/6 special ed, and my students always adore Dear Mr. Henshaw, Freak the Mighty, and Island of the Blue Dolphins. I am going to follow some of your suggestions for this upcoming year, and will let you know how it turns out. Would love a guest blogger for my site: Thanks again!

  2. Island of the Blue Dolphins is a great one!! LOVE!!


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