Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fact Fluency Freebie

Hi, I'm Mercedes from Surfing to Success.  I'm currently a K-6 Intervention teacher.  Part of my desire to teach intervention came from my year as a 5th Grade Math teacher.

One of the biggest challenges teaching 5th Grade Math was the lack of background skills.  I found myself trying to teach a 5th grade skill to students that on a 3rd grade math level.  It is important to communicate with the students and parents what you expect.

Today's freebie has a poster that shows what students should be able to do fluently in grade K-6. 

Click here to get a copy.  There is a second version included that has the standard numbers.

There is so much to accomplish in 5th grade math.  Knowing that multi-digit multiplication is the Common Core Math Fluency goal, can help provide some focus.  

We start the school year screening for multiplication fluency so we can provide basic multiplication intervention for the 5th graders that need it before they fall too far behind.


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  1. What did you use for screening multiplication fluency?


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