Thursday, July 31, 2014

Organizing Hanging File Folders

Before - nasty crooked writing ;-)
Hi Everyone!  It's Katie from Teaching: The Art of Possibility.  I'm excited to be apart of Fifth Grade Freebies and here is my first of many freebies I will be sharing with all of you.  

Neat - typed - beautiful
Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm all about having a neat and organized classroom.  From the labels on my students' desks to the labels in my filing cabinet.  There was a time, when I would handwrite my hanging file folder labels but I HATED the way they looked.  Either my handwriting wasn't consistent or they weren't properly centered.  My reasons to not like it could go on and on.  (Have  I mentioned I'm a bit OCD? ;-) ) And because of this craziness need, I have created a SIMPLE little template to help make life easier. So Bam!  Here you go - a template for you to type in and have perfectly neat hanging file folder labels like me.  Go here to download it. 

Hope it helps you like it did me.  

Katie Lyon

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