Tuesday, August 5, 2014

iPad Rule Posters

I am lucky enough to work at a school that implemented a 1:1 iPad program back in 2012-2013 school year.  Originally, it started and was piloted with just my class but then in 2013-2014 it expanded school wide.  Of course, with all those iPads out, we had to set some expectations up for our students.

The first thing we established was the "Hands Up" & "Apples Up" rule.  What this meant was if a teacher/staff member came into any classroom and said "Hands Up" all the students were to stop working on their iPads immediately, put their hands up, and listen to the speaker.
Typically it was a quick announcement which then allowed the students to get right back work.  However, if a teacher/staff member said "Apples Up", students were to stop what they were doing on the iPad, close it up and put it on their desk with the apple facing up.  This command is used when students are doing working with the iPad or the teacher needs the students' attention for a longer period of time.  Of course, we had the basic rules as well which were standard in all the classrooms.

Hopefully you are lucky too and have some iPads at your disposal.  :-)  If so, you can get your very own set of the iPad Rules Posters too.  Just head on over here and grab them!



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