Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rockin' Out Revolutionary War Style

I have always thought that fifth grade Social Studies is so interesting to teach (and hopefully interesting to learn!).  My favorite unit of the year is the American Revolution.  There are so many fascinating people and events for the kids to discover. What makes it better than ever to teach now is all of the free resources you can find that really draw the students in and pique their interest.

"The Story Behind the Boston Massacre" is a great documentary from Discovery Education.  It's available on United Streaming, and I even found it on YouTube.  Scientists and historians analyze evidence and accounts of the event and try to figure out what really happened.  My students were glued to the screen!

Melissa from Wild About Fifth Grade led me to another one of my new favorites a couple years ago.  "Too Late To Apologize:  A Declaration"  is a satirical video based on One Republic's "Apologize".  If you have never seen this, you must watch it!

Sorry, One Republic, I prefer this electric guitar playing Ben Franklin?!  Who can beat that?  Your kids will ask to watch it over and over!  

I created a handout to go along with the video...

that you can grab for free at my TPT Store!  Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for the video info. The video guide will be so helpful. My kids are really getting into this chapter. We just had a Boston Tea Party day at school last week.
    I have costumes for my kids to dress up in for each lesson. It is amazing what an apron, vest, red coat, and a Kong's cape and sceptre will do for a history lesson.


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