Saturday, April 6, 2013

"A Day in the Life" Imaginative Writing Activity

Hello Fifth Grade Friends!
This is Jessica from "Joy in the Journey"
Joy in the Journey
Here's a freebie to brighten your Saturday:
 "A Day in the Life" Writing Activity
"A Day in the Life" is a fun and engaging writing center activity that provides students with an object or an animal and has them imagine what a day would be like. 
Included are 40 idea cards:
A brainstorming/planning sheet:

and a final draft writing template:
 Here are some of my kiddos' rough drafts - we're going to write the final copies on Monday.

You can download this writing activity for FREE by clicking here: "A Day in the Life" Imaginative Writing Activity

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And exciting news... TBA is now 2 years old! Grab some (or hundreds!) of freebies :)
Happy Freebie Hunting!