Friday, January 23, 2015

Diamante Poetry FREEBIE

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Jessica from "Joy in the Journey" here :)
Joy in the Journey

We just wrapped up a fun poetry unit in Language Arts - and my 5th graders had a blast!
I love introducing the kiddos to new forms of poetry - one of which is the Diamante Poem.

Diamante poems are 7-lined poems that are used to compare and contrast two opposite nouns. It gives students valuable practice in identifying and providing examples of different parts of speech, comparing/contrasting nouns, and writing different lines of poetry.

First, we discussed what words (what part of speech) go on each line. A great grammar review - and reinforcement for those who are still struggling! Then, we did a class example (Cats vs. Dogs). Finally, the students were free to start brainstorming and planning their rough drafts:

Then, once their rough drafts were edited by a classmate, they create their final project. I decided to throw in an art component (decorating the background) to stimulate my artistically-inclined kiddos:
Didn't they do a phenomenal job?!?

If you'd like to try this project, you can download my 
FREE Diamante Poetry packet on TPT. It includes a definition, instructions for writing, brainstorming paper, and a final draft template.
Diamante Poetry Packet
If you download it, please leave some feedback! :)

Happy almost-weekend, friends!


  1. I think I'll use this in Social Studies got compare Loyalists and Patriots. Thanks for the idea.


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