Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Welcome to NOUN TOWN {freebie!}

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Today I'm sharing a fun project that can be used across multiple grade levels to teach, reinforce, and assess the topic of NOUNS.

After our discussion of common vs. proper nouns, we worked together to create a "Noun Town!" Each student had to bring in a picture of a noun that could fit in our fictitious town.
On the back of the picture, they had to write:
1. The type of noun it was (person, place, thing, idea)
2. Is it singular or plural?
3. Is it common (a store) or proper (Macy’s)

Once all of the pictures came in, we sorted them based on whether they were people, places, or things. I then constructed a bulletin board, divided into three sections of "Noun Town:"
1. People Avenue, 2. Place Street, and 3. Thing Drive.

The students love seeing their work on display and it's a tangible reminder of the difference between the three types of nouns.

Here is the assignment details if you would like to create your own classroom Noun Town!
Click here for the assignment details document (FREE!)

If you download the document, please leave a comment with your e-mail for a chance to WIN a FREE COPY of my "Nouns Scavenger Hunt" packet :)
Noun Scavenger Hunt Activity


  1. What a great idea! I love the bulletin board! Thanks for the opportunity to win the scavenger hunt. :) ugamler@boyertownasd.org

  2. Love this. Going to use this when we review nouns.

    Ashley Bolton
    Hanging Out with Miss B.

  3. I love interactive bulletin boards! This will help my students! Maybe after we cover nouns, we'll go on to other parts of speech! Thanks for sharing! CRBURRELL@aol.com


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